Press Release

Press Release
Posted 2013-11-08
UAT Joins Hand with SKH Lady MacLehose Centre in Career Workshop
(8 November 2013, Hong Kong) Performing as a responsible corporate citizen, UAT is dedicated to partnering with NGOs to build a harmonious community. Recently, UAT joins hand with SKH Lady MacLehose Centre (SKH) to co-organize the Career Workshop for newly-arrived youngsters, broadening their horizons in local career market.

Established in 1973, SKH aims at encouraging local community to participate in individual, social, ethical, and spiritual development. The Group and Community Work Unit supports ethnic minority, newly-arrived family, and youngster for better social integration and cohesion.

In 2013, SKH has launched the Career Assistance Program, assisting newly-arrived youngsters in local career development. UAT is glad to be invited to co-organize the Career Workshop with SKH. Ms. Erica Ko, Mr. Victor Lai, and Mr. Sampson Au participated in the Workshop, introducing career insights in marketing, design, and engineering. Especially thanks to Ms. Dorothy Cheung, our volunteer, explained practical interview skills while interacting with participants. UAT appreciates corporate volunteerism in promoting work-life balance, team spirit, and potential realization. Through the Workshop, the participants find strengthening self-value and optimistic attitude towards future career.

Since its founding, UAT insists on reciprocating the society where profits are generated. We are devoted to a more sustainable, cohesive society. All messages come through; a world without boundaries has come true.

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