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Press Release
Posted 2013-06-03
UAT in the Second Hong Kong SME Business Sustainability Index Recognition Ceremony
(3 Jun 2013, Hong Kong) To promote the corporate social responsibility for archiving business sustainability, the Department of Management and Marketing of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the Hong Kong Productivity Council have launched the Second Hong Kong SME Business Sustainability Index scheme. UAT is glad to be one of the awardees.

The SME Business Sustainability Index was announced at the recognition ceremony held on Tuesday, 21 May 2013 at the PolyU campus. Officiating at the ceremony were Mrs. Agnes Mak, Executive Director of the Hong Kong Productivity Council; Mr. Francis Ngai, Member of the Education and Publicity Sub-Committee of the Council for Sustainable Development; Mr. Cliff Choi, Business Director (Public Engagement & Partnership) of the Hong Kong Council of Social Service; Dr. Edward Lam, Chairman of the Hong Kong Small and Medium Enterprises Development Federation Limited; Professor Timothy W. Tong, President of PolyU and Professor Edwin Cheng, Dean of Faculty of Business of PolyU.

The Index is built upon information on the top 48 SMEs with proven records of excellent performance in undertaking CSR initiatives in 2012-2013. The mean score of the Index was 62 on a 100-point scale. Comparing with 58 last year, it indicates that SMEs have entered the second stage of performance from the initial stage of business sustainability.

During the ceremony, the best 48 enterprises in the Index were each presented with a Certificate of Recognition. UAT is pleased to be awarded as the eighth enterprise in the Index in the recognition of taking up corporate social responsibility to achieve sustainable development and growth for both business and society.

Professor Carlos Lo, Chair of Departmental Research Committee of PolyU, introduced the concept of business sustainability and assessment scheme of the index. Representatives of the Index's top five scoring SMEs – Dr. Jimmy Lau, CEO of Richform Holdings Limited; Mr. Daniel M. Cheng, Managing Director of Dunwell Enviro-Tech (Holdings) Limited; Mr. Rainer Sip, Operations Director of Baby Kingdom; Mr. Stephen Au, Director of Diving Adventure Limited and Dr. Charles Chan, Chairman of Tunbow Group Limited, shared their views and experience on business sustainability.

Since its founding, UAT has continuously strived to contribute to the corporate responsibility and sustainable development of society. Contributions towards corporate responsibility take into consideration UAT's relations with stakeholders. By having all employees' implementation, UAT aims to become a company that is admired and trusted by the society.

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