Press Release

Press Release
Posted 2013-10-04
Multimedia Education Facility in Medical Education
(4 October 2013, Hong Kong) In this summer, Department of Medicine of the University of Hong Kong has renewed the multimedia education facilities with advanced system design, equipment integration, and programming. UAT serves as the system designer and integrator, implementing the project design, equipment installation, programming, and support of multimedia education facilities.

Established in 1923, Department of Medicine is a major discipline of the Medical Faculty and the University of Hong Kong. In the provision of undergraduate, postgraduate and professional programmes in medical education, the Department seeks to attain the highest standard in teaching, research and clinical service in medicine so as to become a centre of excellence regionally and internationally.

The Lecture Theatres in the New Clinical Building, Queen Mary Hospital contain a combined theatre for lectures, research and journal meetings, conferences, and events. In deploying audio visual systems for a combined room, UAT considers all possible room combinations, sets up different audio configurations, and applies audio tuning carefully to ensure each single room can perform the desired performance. The Department uses the following UAT multimedia education facilities:

  • HD projection system for presentation, multimedia content, and camera feed
  • Comprehensive audio system with fine sound tuning and optimum acoustic control
  • Wireless handheld, clip, gooseneck, and ceiling microphones enabling teaching flexibility
  • Signal routing system routes video and audio signals from multiple input sources to multiple destinations
  • Visualizer presentation system for fine-detail demonstration
  • Central control system for managing all electronic facilities inside the theatre

Projection rooms, directly adjacent to the theatre, tie together the technical operations and audio signal distribution for the lecture theatres. Exquisite equipment installation and system integration are necessary to excel the thorough performance.

In January 2014, the Department will organize the 19th Medical Research Conference aiming at fostering collaborations between research teams in basic science, translational, and clinical research. UAT is glad to continually work with the medical sector to create the best comprehensive portfolio of multimedia education facility and telemedicine to accelerate medical education, clinical expertise and service.

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