Press Release

Press Release
Posted 2013-02-20
HD Audio Visual facilitating Interactive Lectures at HKU Law Faculty
(20 February 2013, Hong Kong) To celebrate its 100th anniversary, The University of Hong Kong (HKU) has founded the Centennial Campus in 2012. The Faculty of Law is the pioneer moving to the Law Building consisting of 11 floors where you will find the law library, large moot court, academic conference room, management board room, small moot court, and various seminar rooms and labs.

UAT is glad to provide HD audiovisual design and installation to HKU, creating a more interactive learning experience and the ability to collaborate with overseas students in real-time. HKU uses the video conference solution in their conference rooms to conduct interview with candidates from overseas. The same solution is also installed in the Academic Centre. Professors and students from foreign universities join HKU lectures with face-to-face interaction in real-time. The law students, through video conferencing, can participate in international legal competitions without traveling.

Equipment installed with HKU by UAT includes:

  • HD Polycom Video Conference system with multipoint and content sharing feature
  • HD Ceiling Microphones
  • 90 gooseneck microphones in the Academic Conference Room
  • Sound tuning for lecture rooms, conference rooms and moot courts
  • Recording and live streaming solution
  • HD interactive LCD presentation boards
  • Extron XTP Crosspoint Matrix
  • Speakers QSC KLA 12 line array system
  • Central room control programming

Professor Johannes M.M. Chan, S.C. (Hon), Dean of Faculty of Law of HKU mentions that the Video Conferencing, Recording, and Live Streaming solutions at moot courts and classrooms are very useful as professors evaluate student performance easily and students can receive immediate feedback on areas of improvement. The student learning process is fastened and students present their ideas more effectively and persuasively.

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