Press Release

Press Release
Posted 2013-09-27
90-inch Digital Signage Unifies Corporate Communications
(27 September 2013, Hong Kong) Digital Signage is a form of electronic display showing visual messages to target audience. In corporate means, the 90-inch Digital Signage is the latest advancement that seamlessly integrates with interior decoration at the entrance, reception, and lobby where visitors and employees meet and congregate for an important first impression.

Once getting into the entrance, the visitors will immediately be drawn to the visual messages of the 90-inch Digital Signage. On the Sharp PN-R903 LCD, welcome messages and brand images are displayed with its jaw-dropping 6' 8" tall panel. Streamlined for a thin, lightweight design, it measures 122mm at its thickest point and weighs 75kg, making for easy placement and wall mounting in office areas. Incorporating LED backlight and UV2A technologies, it creates brilliant images while giving rise to energy efficiency and a durable, economical usage.

Corporate communication messages consisting of dynamic Corporate News, Photo and Video Albums, Market Index, Date, Weather, and News can be simply managed by users themselves. You can use your own content player or select our AdBoom Player, an ultra-slim digital signage player, to play, edit, schedule, and distribute creative data including high-definition video, flash, image, and RSS feed.

Unifying 90-inch Digital Signage into corporate interior design, users can illustrate relevant, engaging and informative experience that reinforces the corporate-brand communications.

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