Press Release

Press Release
Posted 2012-12-27
UAT Takeback and Recycle Program
(27 December 2012, Hong Kong) Join UAT in taking responsibility for the environment. UAT recognizes its responsibility as a corporate citizen and takes the lead to help protect and preserve our environment by recycling electronic equipment. Always bearing this goal in mind, the takeback and recycle program is our corporate social responsibility initiative.

We make it easy for our customers. Simply call any of our solution consultants or UAT hotline and our employees will talk to you to arrange a time to takeback the recycled equipment. We will then provide recycling service for the collected equipment. Re-usable equipment will be donated mostly to non-profitable organizations or colleges. This lets our customers deal with end of life products in a responsible way and comply with the ISO14001 requirement.

Collection cost is absolutely free.

What's more is the trade-in concession. Should you have the need to upgrade the equipment and swap any piece of equipment, just give UAT a call and we will offer you a good price. You can easily have equipment technology upgrade and protect the environment at the same time.

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