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Company News
Posted 2017-01-25
UAT Annual Dinner 2017
UAT Annual Dinner 2017 was successfully held on Friday, 20 January 2017 with the theme of 'Appreciation'. Over 70 employees with their family and friends gathered and dressed glamorously to celebrate the successful end of 2016, also looking forward to the new page of the Chinese New Year.

The joyous annual gathering was taken place at Assaggio Trattoria Italiana, Wan Chai, where everyone came together in a relaxed and collegial atmosphere. To match the theme, green ribbons with golden pins were worn by guests and employees to signify the moment of appreciation.

During the dinner, Ms. Audrey Wong, daughter of Mr. Willis Wong, performed two solo songs and a duet song with our colleague Mr. Eddie Wu. Special thanks to the Wong's family in attending and sponsoring UAT.

Following the singing performance and lucky draw was the Recognition Ceremony, awards under different categories, namely, 'Best Freshman', 'Best Improvement', 'Best Project Installer', 'Best Project Holder', 'Best Project', 'Professional Spirit', and 'Best Employee' were presented to outstanding employees.

Since its founding, employees are a vital factor for UAT's success. We believe that a successful implementation of sustainability strategy can lead UAT continues to achieve the steady growth.

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