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Posted 2016-02-17
UAT Annual Dinner 2016
Since its founding, UAT has committed to the employee engagement and sustainability. Every year, we organize the annual dinner to celebrate the new page of the Chinese New Year and reward employees' contribution, embracing a delightful moment with employees, relatives, and friends together.

On Friday, 29 January 2016, all of us enjoyed the Australian fine dining at Wooloomooloo Steakhouse, Wan Chai, a graceful and relaxing environment with vast harbour view and eye-dazzling lightings. This year, the theme of the dinner is 'Back to 80S Fashion', all guests dressed in 80S costume and accessories to compete for the 'Best 80S Costume Award', showing off the delicate costume and dancing fun with 80S pop songs.

During the dinner, Mr. Tony Cheung, our General Manager, praised employees' contribution throughout the year and presented '10 Years Long Service Award' to Ms. Doris Tsang and '5 Years Long Service Award' to Ms. Grace Ip, Ms. Mango Chow, Mr. River Huang, and Mr. Vincent Ching respectively.

Employee is the most important asset of UAT. We strive to improve their job satisfaction by providing personal growth opportunities and a harmonious working environment with training and continuous development, team spirit, work-life balance, and occupational health and safety.