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Posted 2016-04-08
Employee Caring Program
Employee is the most important asset of UAT. We strive to create an integrated, happy, and safe workplace. Entering the twentieth year, we launch the Employee Caring Program to continuously explore employee talent to optimize this valuable asset in the company.

The Employee Caring Program consists of initiatives in the Caring Committee, Training and Development, Work-life Balance, Family Friendly, and Reward and Recognition.

The Caring Committee is a new initiative to draw the expertise of a small think tank team of department representatives (Caring Ambassador), aiming at interacting and sharing experience in caring employees while accelerating the cohesive, friendly working culture and promoting management vision and positive, practical, and proactive values among employees.

Throughout the years, we have found that the trust between the management and employees, fairness, communication, efficiency, and corporate governance are essential to accelerate employees' positive work attitude, involvement, productivity, and retention.