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Posted 2016-03-10
AMX Silver Level Professional System Integrator
Recently, UAT has been awarded as the AMX Silver Level Professional System Integrator, representing an elite level of audio visual control system programming and user interface design expertise while providing reliable, reputable, and thoroughly knowledgeable system integration for customers.

UAT is dedicated to creating an environment where users operate the audio visual system with confidence. We understand room capabilities and user adoption, offering ease keypads and touch panels with tailor-programmed interface to control the audio and video conferencing, diversified displays, microphones and speakers, recording and streaming, lighting, and curtains.

Specifying your ideal conference rooms, UAT has designed a range of room solutions for commercial, banking and finance, education, living, and property. Industry recognition encourages UAT to best serve our customers and challenge higher standard of service quality. We continue to keep up with the industry standard in the response time, technical know-how, engineer certifications, and sustainability.