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Posted 2015-08-12
UAT Youth Cultivation Program
Since 2013, UAT has launched the UAT Youth Cultivation Program to nurture our next generation, cultivating their mental development, sports potential, and corporate social responsibility through sustainable, penetrated support for NGOs and schools.

In this year, we have supported 3 NGOs and 2 universities with tailored voluntary programs for the youth as follows:

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Hong Kong Polytechnic University

UAT has been allocating more resources and funding to the Program with the goal of providing holistic career planning and personal growth for the youth. The Program enables community members to spend quality time with each other during the activities. Volunteers can spread love and care to the needy through visits, interactive games, and donation while facilitating the growth and development of strong, bright, and successful young adults.

In the Youth Mentoring Program, junior staffs (mentees) were paired with UAT staffs (mentors) in July and August 2015 in diversity training and collaborative learning, facilitating the sharing of knowledge, skills, insights, and experience. Mentors do not only gain a sense of belongingness towards UAT, they are also indirectly given the valuable opportunity to enhance the quality of their leadership, communication skills, and problem solving skills which help driving staff engagement.

UAT is pleased to the increased sense of motivation towards lives and career choices of the youth. We believe that the society will be benefited from more motivated, dependable, and dedicated young employees in our workforce.