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Posted 2015-07-15
UAT has joined the HSBC Living Business Ambassador Scheme for 2 Consecutive Years
In promoting corporate sustainability (CR) amongst SMEs, UAT has joined the HSBC Living Business Ambassador Scheme since last year, an active platform for the past Living Business Awards winners, to work with business partners and stakeholders in committing to CR by demonstrating sustainable achievements.

HSBC Living Business Ambassador Scheme aims to provide a platform for past award winners to showcase their CS achievements while encouraging their business partners to join the HSBC Living Business Awards.

Entering the eleventh year, the HSBC Living Business Programme 2015 will be launched with the Programme theme - Supply Chain Sustainability. Incorporating the core value of 'Providing with the best', UAT is dedicated to the management of environmental, social and economic impacts, and the encouragement of good governance practices in our supply chain of video conference and audio visual collaboration.

In 2014, UAT is pleased to achieve the Gold Winner Award in Community Engagement and Certificate of Excellence in People Caring. Since this year, we have implemented three CSR programs, namely UAT Youth Cultivation Program, UAT Rehabilitation Program, and UAT Charitable Development Fund, building a sustainable development atmosphere with our stakeholders.