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Posted 2015-09-22
UAT Corporate Social Responsibility
Recently, Mr. Howard Au, Reporter and Mr. Simon Chu, Assignment Editor of Hong Kong Economic Times visited UAT office and shared the attitude and implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with Mr. Tony Cheung, our General Manager.

The initial CSR milestone of UAT was organizing basketball games for the seniors and former basketball players in strengthening their health and promoting sports in the community. Tony said that CSR projects related to sports can condense volunteerism quickly from employees and him, sports lovers of basketball and table tennis. He recommended SMEs may start executing CSR from company advantage or employees' interest.

Proper time management gives rise to the balance of company business and community participation. UAT employees utilize leisure time to plan and discuss CSR projects. And UAT usually arranges corporate volunteers to participate in voluntary activities in the Saturday morning, adopting the half day time to reciprocate our society. Tony highlighted short term CSR project is flexible to SMEs in manpower allocation and job arrangement. Concentrating on two to three fields can be pursued once CSR scale has become solid.

To sustain the CSR development, UAT set up the UAT Association as a non-profit organization in 2011. Tony said, 'In the past, charitable organizations may consider CSR initiatives of a business corporation as product selling or promotion.' He continued, 'UAT Association helps us to communicate with charitable organizations and recruit volunteers in a more convenient way.'

Now, UAT organizes one to two voluntary activities every month, fostering the volunteerism in caring for the elderly, teenager, and rehabilitation.

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