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Posted 2015-06-05
UAT builds the Happy Working Environment
To encourage businesses and organizations to create a happy working environment, and to raise the happiness-at-work level of the local workforce, the Promoting Happiness Index Foundation and the Hong Kong Productivity Council launched the Happy Organization Label Scheme. UAT has been awarded as the Happy Company for 3 consecutive years.

The index was announced on Wednesday, 3 June 2015 at the Hong Kong Productivity Council. Mr Stephen Sui, Under Secretary for Labour and Welfare of the HKSAR Government, officiated the ceremony, accompanied by Dr. Edward Chan, President; Dr. Dennis Ng, Chairman; Prof. Roy Chung and Mr. Johnny Yeung, Vice-Chairmen; Mr. Samson Chan and Dr. Allen Shi, President (Honorary); Dr. Helen Chan, Chief Executive Officer (Honorary); Mr. Clement Chen, HKPC Chairman and Mrs. Agnes Mak, Executive Director.

Mr. Tony Cheung, our General Manager, said, 'We strive to promote a positive and healthy lifestyle, and lift the spirit of a stressful local workforce through diversified employee engagement activities.' He continued, 'Happiness-at-work is found effective to keep our employees happy, both physically and mentally.'

Satisfied workforce contributes to effective performance. This year, we are dedicated to implementing the Workforce Engagement Programme, including their career path, continuous learning, household welfare, work-life balance, and on-job satisfaction.