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Posted 2015-10-05
BBQ Gathering 2015
To celebrate the joy of Mid-Autumn Festival, UAT employees, families, and friends enjoyed the BBQ gathering at Club Lions Rise on Friday, 25 September 2015.

During the gathering, all of us shared delicious food with the tradition of welcoming the moon on the day before Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival at the BBQ Terrace, Green Garden, and Party Area in the Clubhouse.

Mr. Tony Cheung, our General Manager, said, 'Mid-Autumn festival is a meaningful reunion for Chinese.' He continued, 'every year, we are cheerful to put people together in maintaining stakeholders' cohesions.'

UAT recognizes that work-life balance is essential to maintaining a healthy, satisfying, and productive workforce. This year, we are dedicated to implementing the Workforce Engagement Programme, including their career path, continuous learning, household welfare, work-life balance, and on-job satisfaction.