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Posted 2014-05-14
UAT supports HKUST Students in Corporate Environmental Accounting and Reporting Course
In cultivating university students in corporate social responsibility (CSR), The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) has invited UAT to participate in their Corporate Environmental Accounting and Reporting Course in the second semester in 2014, sharing our CSR and sustainable development to students.

Corporate Environmental Accounting and Reporting Course is one of the required courses of Division of Environment, holding for bachelor students of Environmental Management and Technology in studying corporate sustainability in economic, social, and environmental practices.

In the beginning of the second semester, Mr. Tony Cheung, our General Manager, exchanging recent CSR insights and corporate sustainability with Dr. Calvin L. Kwan, Adjunct Assistant Professor and Ms. Kar Yee Lo, Teaching Assistant of Division of Environment. 'UAT is dedicated to the sustainable development of the society. We are glad to have this opportunity, sharing our efforts to the next generation and getting more about CSR reporting according to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), one of the most prevalent standards for sustainability reporting,' said Tony.

During the lecture, UAT gave a presentation regarding our CSR program, including the vision, system, measures on employee, environment, and community for students. Furthermore, we partnered with a group of students in preparing a CSR Report, a case study in analyzing our CSR policies and providing suggestions in accordance with our current framework.

Education has long been a major focus of UAT corporate social contribution. Throughout the years, we proactively organize next generation education programs in company visits, technical support to education institutions, internships, and scholarships. While this reporting course broadens our horizons on global sustainability standard, we cherish this experience in incorporating academic project with students onto our CSR milestone.