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Posted 2014-03-04
UAT is awarded the 5 Years Plus Caring Company
In strengthening CSR partnership between the business and social service sectors, the Caring Company Partnership Expo has been held on Friday, 28 February 2014 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. UAT is awarded the 5 Years Plus Caring Company for its long term dedication towards caring for the employee, environment, and community.

Launched by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service, the Caring Company Scheme aims to foster strategic partnerships between the business and social services sectors to promote good corporate citizenship and a more inclusive society. In 2013/14, 2,765 Caring Companies and Organizations were awarded, indicating that more and more companies and organizations are willing to perform corporate social responsibility.

Since 2008, UAT has strived to continue its efforts in promoting the well-being of employee, environment, and community. Employee is our most important asset and we are dedicated in employee safety, wellness, family responsibility, work-life balance, and recognition. We adopt the concept of environmental protection at office and sites. Green initiatives such as dynamic lighting and 'Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle' policies are taken into account for a sustainable, healthy, and productive workplace.

To promote social integration amongst employees, UAT encourages them to proactively participate in voluntary services including community visit, outing activity, training, and donation to support the elderly, disabled, and people in need. NGO partnering creates more room for developing cross-sector community projects that focus on the needs of the community.

Since its founding, UAT insists on reciprocating the society where profits are generated. We are devoted to a more cohesive society. All messages come through; a world without boundaries has come true.