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Posted 2014-02-10
UAT Annual Staff Party 2014
To praise staff's contribution and celebrate the Chinese New Year, UAT organizes annual gathering every year. Recently, our staff, families, and friends gathered at the Annual Staff Party, having a memorable night together.

This year, we had our Annual Staff Party at AMMO Restaurant, former British military museum on 23 January 2014, enjoying fine Mediterranean dining and brilliant activities. Apart from lucky draw, one of the highlights making us return from a rewarding journey, we infuse Staff Appreciation Ceremony and group games, two brand-new elements in enabling all staff involve and bustle with excitement.

All staff participated in group games, reflecting the valuable team spirit and cooperative vitality. Followed by the group games was Staff Appreciation Ceremony. Ms. Elisa Yue, Ms. Zoe Lai and Mr. Victor Lai, recipients of Outstanding Performance Award; Mr. Frankie Choy and Ms. Lai Kwun Chu, recipients of 5 Years Long Service Award; and Ms. Elisa Yue and Mr. Hendrew Lun, the Best Employees voted by staff were recognized remarkably during this nourishing moment.

UAT strives to improve staff satisfaction by offering them personal growth opportunities and building a harmonious working environment with training and continuous development, team spirit, work-life balance, and occupational safety and health programs.

Specially thanks to our sponsors and AMMO staff in achieving this successful event with us.