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Posted 2014-04-22
UAT activates the Newest Audio Visual Demonstration
UAT Audio Visual Demonstration provides a fast mock-up of comprehensive video conferencing and audio visual facilities, hosting customers at our newly opened Mock-up Demonstration Centre.

AV industry is all about experience in brand, sound, lighting, cabling, matrix, network, signal, program, and project management. Our Mock-up Demonstration Centre combines three rooms, namely Multi-function Room, Conference Room, and Mock-up Area, demonstrating innovative, extensive conferencing facilities as follows:

  • Point-to-point video conferencing with content sharing
  • Multipoint video conferencing and telepresence
  • Mobile video conferencing with tablet and smartphone
  • Mobile video conferencing cart
  • Desktop video conferencing
  • Automatic tracking and zooming video camera
  • Ceiling microphone and speaker
  • Central acoustic control
  • Recording, streaming and video playback
  • Video conferencing lighting
  • 180-inch 3x3 seamless video wall
  • 174-inch rear projection
  • 90-inch digital signage
  • 70-inch touch-screen LCD display
  • 70-inch dual flat-panel displays
  • Projector
  • Room booking
  • Room central control
  • Movable partition for single, dual to multiple room settings

Mr. Tony Cheung, our General Manager, says, "We strive to bring new inspirations to the AV industry continuously. With the flexible mock-up service, AV demonstration let customers visualize the true-to-life what-if end result installations." He continues, "This is central to our spirit in providing custom integrated AV systems which fulfill customers' unique needs."

We offer AV consultancy service and open house for you to experience the state-of-the-art conferencing facilities in a comfortable atmosphere. Call us at 3111 9651 to book AV demonstration.