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Posted 2014-08-20
Path to Adulthood: UAT Youth Cultivation Scheme
To nurture our next generation, UAT has launched Path to Adulthood: UAT Youth Cultivation Scheme in this year. Through the support for NGOs and schools, university students, secondary students, and children can accelerate their holistic development, career guidance, and corporate social responsibility (CSR) notion.

Throughout the year, we support 5 NGOs and 4 schools, infiltrating our core initiatives on the Youth Cultivation Scheme as follows:

Children Holistic Development

Youth Career Guidance

University CSR Education

Mainland Education


Diversified outreach activities and sports trainings enable children to explore their horizons, enhance physical development while cultivating team spirit and self-discipline. Secondary students regard career workshop and internship as the practical preview for future employment. In participating CSR program of universities, we share our CSR footprints to professors and universities for their field insights and curriculum formulation.

Understanding the needs of NGOs and beneficences is a key to penetrated partnership. We are glad that our corporate volunteers demonstrating their specialized skills in supporting NGOs development. This seamlessly integrates resource and wishes among beneficences, NGOs, and corporates for a sustainable, cohesive community.

Since its founding, UAT has been dedicated to stakeholders' wellness and corporate volunteerism. We insist on organizing monthly voluntary activities and encouraging our employees to participate. The Scheme marks our continuous achievement with NGOs and schools, permeating and widening the beneficiary scope.