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Posted 2013-09-04
Neat and Organized AV Rack for Productivity and Maintainability
Audio visual facility has become increasingly important in conveying message, communication and presentation. A neat and organized equipment rack and racking spaces should be given emphasis in ensuring productivity and maintainability.

Audio visual tidiness refers to the equipment rack and the place storing the equipment rack. It is not uncommon to find users hide spare parts, papers, chairs or unused in the equipment rack storage place. Also over time, dust and unknown objects get into the equipment rack worsening heat dissipation and obstructing maintenance.

UAT strongly recommends users have a good practice of keeping the racking area neat and removing unwanted objects as if we were keeping a decent and high-standard environment in a server.

Working towards a neat and clean environment for your AV rack, we are offering service of clean-up and re-cabling. Should your AV rack be under no maintenance services, UAT is ready to offer such cleaning and re-cabling services.

Audio visual storage place is an integral part of an audio visual project. UAT continually seeks to provide users with the best possible solutions comprising high performance products and services.