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Posted 2013-10-25
Dynamic Lighting for a Sustainable, Productive Workplace
Dynamic lighting sustains environment and offices, creating a productive workplace. From the main office space to the corridors and conference rooms, UAT adopts a range of LED lightings that makes a difference.

In consideration of a sustainable environment, UAT adopts LED lighting to lower energy consumption and carbon emission. It has a longer life expectancy, decreasing the need for replacement and maintenance. Equipped with detection sensors, specific areas will only be lit where and when required automatically for convenience, security, and energy saving. Since the accreditation of ISO14001 and OHSAS18001, lighting fixtures are consistent with our Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety policies to reduce environmental impact and provide safe working conditions.

Optimal lighting helps promote well-being and productivity. Comfortable lighting also assists in supporting the health of employees' eyes and body temperature. During employees' ideas sharing and social interaction, the lighting system integrated with superior sound absorption and acoustic ceiling system enables light and sound to behave in a more natural way. A better workplace through enhanced employees' well-being and potential increases productivity as a result.

UAT is committed to sustaining the environment and health and safety of our employees. We strive to improve employee wellness by providing a neat and tidy workplace that evokes emotion, enlighten, and inspire.