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Posted 2013-08-06

Commitment to Project Excellence
Equipment rack is used to house audio and video equipment in a centralized way for unified management and space efficiency. UAT treasures to deliver consistent reliability in every module for a customer-appreciated complete-line of audio visual project.

When housing various equipment into a rack, it is crucial to trace back each device in line with the schematic diagram. To this end, UAT has implemented the internal standard of rack fabrication and wiring. Apart from sequencing and labeling equipment, we tie and label all cables such as 'PRJ' for Projector and 'HET' for extender. Our internal standard and standardized abbreviation simplify maintenance and allow engineers to easily diagnosis when going onsite or through telephone support. A neat and tidy equipment rack enables open-and-shut components and ample ventilation. Routing, managing, and accessing equipment without any obstruction gives rise to operational efficiency and capital value. All the standardized approaches ensure the quality to excel to the fullest potential.

UAT engineers continuously attain certifications and trainings to address technological advancements. These ongoing achievements are testimonies of our commitment to provide superior audio visual system, customer services, and technical support. They grant added assurance to our customers that their working environments are deployed according to stringent quality standards and seamless technology.