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Posted 2012-06-09
UAT builds a Happy Working Environment
The Promoting Happiness Index Foundation and the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) jointly conducted Hong Kong's first survey to study the Happiness-at-Work Index for Hong Kong Companies. Through the survey, HKPC aims to raise the awareness of businesses on building a happy working environment.

Happiness-at-work means more than keeping the employees happy, physically, and mentally. Enterprises should also adopt fairness, good corporate governance, and corporate social responsibility to strengthen their abilities to overcome adversity and enhance competitiveness.

The Lingnan University questionnaire had a survey of over 1,300 employers and employees from different industries. The survey reveals the average score of happiness-at-work for Hong Kong businesses is 6.7 (maximum being 10), which is slightly above the average when compared with similar surveys in other international cities. In addition, 63.9% of the respondents feel happy at work. Decision makers and the middle management were relatively happier (scoring at 7.3 and 7.1 respectively) than professionals and junior level staff (scoring at 6.4 and 6.5 respectively).

HKPC experts also interviewed over 20 companies with outstanding achievements, UAT is one of the interviewees in sharing caring strategies to employees' happiness.

'Our management philosophy is straight forward. Employee is always our biggest asset and we support happiness-at-work. As an employee, satisfactory remuneration is of utmost importance to take care of the family. UAT offers rewards to employees. Should their family members need special care, we encourage employees to take care of their family members and even offer urgent subsidies,' said Mr. Tony Cheung, General Manager of UAT.

Employees may feel embarrassed to state voice out in official environment. Our management will get to working site to offer a helping hand and take the chance to have meals with the workers. Very often the employers will present their viewpoints and suggestions in informal manner.

UAT strives to build the trust between the management and workers. Stable income, efficient communication, and corporate social responsibilities are the key factors in enhancing the level of happiness-at-work at UAT.