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Posted 2013-04-26
Team Polycom Conference 2012 at Orlando
During 1 to 3 April 2012, representatives of UAT attended the 'Team Polycom Conference 2012' in Orlando, USA where people of different countries teamed up and shared experience. In this year, people learnt more about the trend of video conferencing especially the trend of mobile video conferencing and cloud application.

On-job training is one of the essential fundamentals of UAT. We provide study subsidy, sponsorship, and reimbursement to encourage employees to take every opportunity to enrich their technical knowledge and personal development.

Through overseas trainings, our people improve their communication skills and broaden their horizons. By exchanging ideas and experience with worldwide video conferencing service providers and partners, employees gain valuable market insights.

'It was a great experience to interact with people from different countries. The impact of venue, sound, and video are professionally organized and we believe the trend of video conferencing is going more and more towards mobile and cloud,' said Miss Michelle Cheng, Marketing Manager of UAT.