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Posted 2012-04-26
Best Green Solution Award 2012
As an innovative integrator, UAT has developed UAT AdBoom, a digital signage solution, and AdRoom, a room booking system for business users. This year UAT has been awarded the 'Best Green Solution' by Linux Pilot magazine. This award also recognized our effort in the enhancement of various new features including live streaming.

Utilizing the space in business is critical. This is especially true in retail and property management industries. They have to take this into account in order to maximize the revenue per square foot given the limited shop or property areas. Our AdBoom and AdRoom digital signage solutions are environmental friendly. Both of them replace traditional posters and point-of-sales display, reduces paper consumption and printing resources such as ink, toner and power.

The AdBoom Digital Signage Designer, server, and player platforms are all easy to manage. Users can update the content, manage the display layouts, and set schedules online. Enterprises are able to streamline the work processes, minimize the manpower, deliver on-time information, and broadcast real-time news.