Case Studies

Sales Office, Residential Property Project

To deliver impressive video and audio experience in the Sales Office of a prestige residential property project in Hong Kong, UAT presents an impeccable central audio system supplemented with various display systems which cover laser projection, LCD video wall and LCD display system.

At the entrance, customers are welcomed by a premier grade 7m*2.5m edge-blending laser projection display showcasing stunning videos of the property, together with the immersive audio system, it creates a pleasant and enjoyable impression to customers.

In the sales hall, a 3x3 LCD video wall is built to deliver vivid video message to customers. Besides, a range of professional LCD displays are mounted on walls as signages to show real-time transaction data and information.

With a simple gesture on the keypad control or the Ipad control, the facility management can easily control the public announcements to be broadcasted in the whole floor, covering the waiting room, sales hall and the mock-up demonstration flats. Antennae are installed to ensure signal consistency of wireless microphones in indoor and reflective environments. To delive a crystal clear and immersive audio quality, Polycom Soundstructure is deployed.

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