Case Studies

Investment Promotion Office

With our client being a government department with the mission to attract and retain foreign direct investments in Hong Kong, UAT works to deliver a value-effective and future-proof solution for the audio-visual and collaboration system in its office.

Highlight of the project lies in the connectable audio-visual systems for the five reconfigurable meeting rooms. Complementing the large-scale full-HD laser projection display, each meeting room is equipped with an UHD interactive display mounted on mobile carts, OPS PC module slotted behind the display panel delivering built-in cloud-based video platform, and Polycom EagleEye USB PTZ camera delivering premium HD video experience, to build a high-performance video collaboration system. The five meeting rooms can be reconfigured into an auditorium for events and conferences, with all separate audio-visual systems combined and controlled on a touch tablet.

To synchronize the whole floor’s video experience, video and audio systems can be streamed live to the social hub area via signage displays and installed audio system.

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