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Global Supply Chain Group, Digital Room

With the themes of speed, innovation and digitization, the global supply chain group takes the lead on its digital transformation journey in every operation aspect. To deliver exceptional business value to partners, the group invests and builds a cutting-edge digital room equipped with premier-grade large format display and immersive collaboration environment for design collaboration, 3D sampling and fitting simulations.

To empower idea collaboration speed by showcasing its virtual 2D design application and 3D modelling tools on the impressive 3x6 video wall, colour accuracy is an important criteria. The selected video wall features its durable LED backlit LCD technology for bright and colour accurate images with very thin and space-saving design. To facilitate interactive collaboration to keep everyone engaged, a 98” interactive panel on mobile cart and wireless presentation system are well equipped in the room.

As a multi-purpose meeting space with combined-room set-up, various PTZ cameras with top-notch audio system are decently ceiling-mounted for video conferencing and event video streaming purpose.

At the lounge area and private meeting area, another two sets of 2x2 video walls are elegantly placed for video stories and content to be showcased and collaborated anytime from anyone’s own device.

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