Case Studies

Global Leading Bank Office

To build a collaboration-ready & technology-enriched work space, UAT joins hands with the global leading bank to design and build the floor-wide audio-visual and collaboration system to facilitate simple collaboration set-up at every corner of the office. The project caters more than ten different room solutions to fit every work scenario.

The social hub seated at the centre of the office is easily transformed into a townhall for events. The large-scale display wall delivers vivid video experience for events and signage, empowered with Polycom RealPresence conference system and EagleEye camera for broadcast-quality conferencing, with room-filling and crystal-clear audio system. Event-holders can easily control every equipment with simple touch on the RealPresence touch panel.

Radiating from the social hub, there are a variety of 4-person, 8-person and 10-person meeting rooms equipped with video collaboration system and a choice of combination of LCD display, Poly Trio, USB video bar, and Polycom Eagle Eye or USB camera.

In the brain-storming area, LCD displays with wireless presentation system are deployed to promote prompt and easy content sharing from mobiles or laptops amongst attendees.

To provide private discussion and ad-hoc meeting space, huddle booths are scattered with video collaboration and content sharing functionalities. Futhermore, live data dashboards on digital signage displays are hanged on office walls to keep everyone informed of real-time data from multiple sources.

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