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Global Beauty & Cosmetics Products Group

With a glamourous and substantial footprint in the global beauty industry for over a century, the world renowned cosmetics products group appoints UAT as its audio-visual and technology partner to build a complete floor of training rooms, which is composed of 8 audio-visual enabled training rooms of different set-up for diversified purposes, and to be equipped with the future-proof technology of resource scheduling system.

Features of the project lie in centrally controlled digital signages on LCD displays scattered all over the hallway to deliver the brand identity, corporate message and training sessions’ information. The entrances are marked with 4K HDR LCD displays showing real-time room utility information. Each training room is equipped with either high-lumen laser projector with 100” electric screen or professional LCD display to provide ergonomically friendly viewing experience, an enterprise-grade wireless presenter system for easy and engaged collaboration, and a floor-wide centrally controlled audio system to provide room filling and crystal-clear sound.

The selected resource scheduling system is a future-proof asset management system supporting the hoteling and highly mobile workforce and globally positioned office resource. It also revamps booking of a combined room in one go. With cloud-based and mobile solutions, you can book a room or a desk from any device or kiosk by just entering your selection criteria like timing, size of room, types of equipment or catering needed, the system will search for the room which fit your requirements. Utilisation and Occupancy sensors are in-place to collect resource utility statistics, and to provide smart heads-up to room users and management. With NFC identification technology, the highly mobile workforce can just book and utilise any office resource anywhere in real-time. Not to mention, the simple and sleek designed panels elegantly placed outside each room display every information you need regarding the room usage.

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