UAT, Ultra Active Technology Limited, an innovative audio visual integrator focusing on IT, Audio Visual, and Security.

Founded in 1997, UAT is committed to the quality of products and services while achieving respectable projects for banking and finance, education, government, infrastructure and property, professional services, and retail. Our expertise in the audio visual industry ensures the successful integration of audio, video, data, control, and security.

Provide Best

Since its founding, UAT has cultivated a corporate culture in creating the value and sustainable growth of employees, customers, business partners, environment, and community. We challenge to insist on quality, value, and simplicity, delivering innovative and effective solutions even under tough challenges.


Generate customer value and satisfaction by continually providing our customers with the best IT, audio visual, and security products and services.


Continually explore sustainable, quality growth in aligning business operations with stakeholders' needs in the competitive environment.