Two decades of innovation: Learn the history of UAT.


20th Anniversary – Provide Best

Entering the twentieth year, we continuously 'provide best' innovation and commitment in audio visual and security to enhance customer satisfaction, aligning all business activities to promote the mutual growth.


Talent Capital

Accountable to sustainable development, UAT continuously explores employee talent to optimize the greatest asset in the company.


Workforce Engagement Programme

Satisfied workforce contributes to effective performance. This year, we are dedicated to implementing the Workforce Engagement Programme, including their career path, continuous learning, household welfare, work-life balance, and on-job satisfaction.


Seeing is Believing

Moving into the new office since 2013, UAT has completed renovation work in early 2014. The Mock-up Demonstration Centre provides a fast mock-up of user requirement and real experience before decision.


Innovative Audio Visual Integration

Our in-house R&D team always keeps abreast of the latest technology to meet the new standard of seamless communication within the ever-changing collaboration demand. We innovate the live-streamed digital signage, comprehensive audio visual solution, project-oriented smart office programming and integration of recording, streaming, and video-on-demand.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Remarking the theme of 'Corporate social responsibility' for our 15th anniversary, UAT is glad to bring employees, NGOs, and volunteers together, kicking-off the 'UAT 15th Anniversary Charity Program' in the Anniversary Opening Pledge Ceremony.


Customer Caring Program

Attain a higher level of customer satisfaction with respect to the Customer Caring Program with all-rounded technical support, prompt onsite assistance, and quality products and services. Trainings in product and customer care are provided to employees.


Three Core Businesses

Professional experience and even stronger technical team have driven our three core businesses: video conferencing collaboration, audio visual integration, and deluxe boardroom design.


Sustainable Development

UAT insists on reciprocating the society. In achieving a harmonious, cohesive, and sustainable society, we strive to accelerate stakeholders' sustainability with diversified economy, society, and environment initiatives.


Deluxe Boardroom

With over a decade's experience, we have advanced glamorous boardroom design combing the latest audio visual and video conferencing systems. The prime, convenient office location enables us to provide prompt service to customers.


High Definition Video Collaboration

Market the full range of Polycom HD Video Conferencing systems while completing respectful audio visual projects of PricewaterhouseCoopers, Lehman Brothers, China Travel, Constitutional Department, and Astec. Expansion of video conferencing project takes a leap forward.


Polycom Video Conferencing and Unified Communication

Introduce Polycom Video Conferencing systems including SlimPro and MegaPro accounted for the magnificent acceptance by customers. In this year, we launch PresencePro series for the life-like, impactful video conferencing experience.



To cultivate the next generation, UAT grants internship to tertiary and university students while sponsoring various sports activities in Hong Kong.


Rapid Growth

While improving the quality of customer service and project management, UAT has completed audio visual projects including Goldman Sachs, Trade Development Council, Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Civil Aviation Department.


Support under SARS

During the SARS outbreak, UAT facilitates the video communication between the Health Department with other government departments and health associations by providing video conferencing facilities and onsite engineering support during the conferences.


5th Anniversary

Reach our 5th anniversary with scaled projects of Yahoo, Bank of China, China Electric Power, and Hospital Authority.


Paperless, More efficient and Fully Automated

Adopt IBM Lotus Domino/Notes to develop Finance, Logistics and Profession (FLP), our self-programmed enterprise management system and standardize business application.


Expansion and Re-engineering

To optimize service quality, UAT re-defines and streamlines manpower and workflow.


Polycom Distributorship

Acquire the Polycom distributorship in Hong Kong and offer video conferencing collaboration to listed companies and multi-national corporations.


TeleVu Video Conferencing

Introduce TeleVu video conferencing system to SMEs and home users.


UAT and Videoconferencing

UAT is established to enhance business applications through offering world-class computer hardware and software in Hong Kong.

1989 - 1996

Former UAT

In 1989, Mr. Tony Cheung founded Oasis Systems Limited with Mr. Sultan Rehman, a world-class architect programmer, multiple patents holder, and co-author of 'XML' published by Microsoft Press. The vision of Oasis was to develop application software for real-time business process.

Oasis laid the first milestone and acquired the HKSA Project in 1990 (HKSA is currently known as the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants) in consulting, developing, and implementing Practice Review, ever-top confidential statutory regulation of HKSA.